is the total length of national highways and provincial roads stretching all over Vietnam. This is the prerequisite for creating foundation for the development of logistics industry in a nation of 92 million people/population. And Nguyen Ngoc Logistics is the very answer to optimize the above benefits to smartly provide to you full-package solutions.


Nguyen Ngoc Logistics's goal is to provide the standard of comfort to our customers. You don't have to worry about transportation and quality service , as we have provided you. We mainly focus on the responsibility of the riders and clearly assign the responsibility to the customers. Further more, We regularly update information, shipping schedule, in addition to the service packaged goods on demand for you to be more active, NNL always try our best to bring the best quality and ensure the most competitive price on the market.


With large warehouse spaces and modern equipment, these help the management, inventory, distribution, loading and unloading... to get more convenient for you.
Services in the warehousing include:
- Import - export management;
- Inventory management;
- Deliver goods to buyers;
- Cargo loading and unloading.


Besides repair, maintenance and warranty, we also provide replacement service for the entire line of trucks in the market for an attractive price range as well as an excellent service.


With competitive prices, one-click payment, favorable selling points and guaranteed product quality, we always bring you an absolute peace of mind and confidence.


Our logistics professionals effectively calculate the route each trip, analysing reasonable ways to reduce transportation costs and increasing profitability for customers.
•  A team of experienced drivers in the field of transportation, freight forwarding.
•  Modern, safe and standard transport vehicles.
•  Low cost with lots of speical deals for customers.
•  Owning and operating a fleet of over 150 trucks with various kinds from 2 - 15 tons.
•  Absolute trust from reputable companies